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Kicking Horse Media Web Design and Development was founded in 2010. One of its objectives is to bring businesses and organizations into the online market so they have access to a wide audience of potential customers and/or followers. The second objective is to provide innovative web-based solutions to increase sales and to facilitate the management of organizations. This can take the form of integrating our custom shopping cart to make products accessible to the world; providing business-to-business solutions; providing roles-based member-only portals; integrating 3rd party software to perform specific functions; providing internal business process or training solutions. The scenarios are endless.

Incorporated in 2012, Kicking Horse Media Web Design and Development continues to grow and expand, so that existing clients and future businesses and organizations will continue to benefit from our expertise in providing web-based solutions and visibility in the online market.

We invite you to meet with us for a free consultation to discuss how our web-based solutions can help your organization.


Cathy Gordon CEO

Cathy Gordon, the CEO, has an interesting combination of talents and background. As a child she had a natural talent for art so she started off studying Fine Arts, but found pure mathematics to be her calling. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with academic honours in mathematics. She started her Master degree in mathematics, but left to pursue a career in software and systems engineering and associated process engineering, which has continued for more than 30 years.

While working full time (and raising 3 children), Cathy returned to Carleton University to obtain a Management Development Program for Women diploma, a condensed MBA. She found the marketing segment to be the highlight of the course. Still with a thirst for learning and knowledge, Cathy completed an intensive Interactive Multi Media course at Algonquin College.

During her career, Cathy has worked in the public and private sectors including training systems, geographic systems, railway systems and air defense systems. Her artistic talent, attention to detail, sheer determination and constitution, and the wealth of knowledge from her education and work experience are valuable assets she brings to Kicking Horse Media Web Design and Development Inc. View Cathy Gordon's LinkedIn profile View Cathy Gordon's profile

What does this mean for my organization? The years of systematic adherence to the systems and software development process is your assurance that the “right” product will be built “right” for your organization.

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