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Featured Website - Böckmann North America

The Böckmann North America website was created for the exclusive distributor in North America of Böckmann horse trailers, horse vans and accessories, imported directly from Lastrup, Germany. The client required a website that would facilitate business-to-business ordering of horse trailers and parts by the dealers in Canada and U.S.A. This functionality was provided with a customized database and Content Management System (CMS).

The responsive website design conforms to the window size of any device: desktop, tablet, mobile device, etc.

A “trailer configurator” was developed for two purposes. Potential customers can configure the trailer that they would like and send an inquiry to one of the dealers about pricing and availability. This initiates a dialogue between a potential customer and a dealer. The second purpose of the trailer configurator is for the dealers to configure trailers for their shopping cart order, which is sent to the distributor. One of the figures on this page is a screenshot of a trailer order with the prices blacked out. Multiple trailers and parts can be accommodated in any given order. The trailer configurator is similar to car configurators on automobile dealership websites.

Our custom business-to-business interface has the following features:

  • capability to create many trailer series, and associated types, models, accessories, colours, and decals;
  • capability for dealers to place orders for trailers and parts;
  • capability to track and modify orders (e.g. add shipping date, comments);
  • provides a membership-only portal (i.e. for dealers);
  • roles-based access to the orders (e.g. dealers can access only their own orders);
  • capability to assign roles to those who access the database;
  • capability to add/remove people from accessing the database;
  • a web page for dealer news;
  • a web page for dealer maintenance information;
  • a web page for dealer video information;
  • capability to modify taxes and shipping fees; and
  • incorporates Canada Revenue rules for charging taxes.

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