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Featured Website - Neuronix

Neuronix was created to sell medical devices and veterinary diagnostics equipment in Canada and USA.

We integrated our custom secure shopping cart interface which has the following features:

  • capability to create many products which may be mapped to many categories;
  • a product is created only once in the database;
  • products and categories may be hidden from view at Neuronix’ discretion;
  • the website accommodates Canadian and American product prices;
  • prices are entered once in USD, with the capability to specify and change the exchange rate for conversion of pricing from USA to Canada;
  • the prices are displayed with respect to the country flag selected at the page top;
  • capability to track and modify orders (e.g. add shipping date, comments);
  • order reports are based on filters of order number, country, customer, company and/or dates;
  • provides a customer login portal;
  • roles-based access to the orders (e.g. ability to provide accountant access);
  • capability to assign roles to those who access the database;
  • capability to modify taxes and shipping fees;
  • incorporates Canada Revenue rules for charging taxes, based on the buyer's address; and
  • integrates a secured payment system which is both the payment gateway and the merchant account.

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