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Website Design & Development

  • Website Design & Development

  • KHM Services
    • We plan, design and build well-made websites. We work with your existing branding or design a completely new image for your organization. We create:

      • Logical and easily navigated websites;
      • Responsive Web Design (conforms to any device window size; mobile-friendly);
      • Websites that are compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which facilitates accessing your website by visually impaired persons and by the aging population;
      • Secure eCommerce interfaces;
      • Innovative web-based solutions, e.g. business-to-business ordering;
      • Content Management Systems (CMS);
      • Custom API or integration of 3rd party software, e.g. forums;
      • Membership-only portals;
      • Integration of Social Media interfaces; and
      • Incorporation of Google analytics to track important metrics of your site.
    • Get in touch with us and see how our web solutions can help your organization.

Marketing Material

  • Marketing Material

  • KHM Services
    • Your logo is a key component of your branding. Your logo provides the visual identity of your organization on the Internet and in print. Our marketing material incorporates:

      • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant colours;
      • Logos that complement your website and any pre-existing branding;
      • Business cards; and
      • Letter headers, etc.
    • Contact us for a free consultation.

Content Writing

  • Content Writing

  • KHM Content Writing
    • “Content is King” is the mantra of web design & development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your content needs to be carefully scripted to engage your visitors and to disseminate information succinctly to your target audience. Your prospective clients’ time is valuable: every word and phrase counts. Imagery and videos are key components of your content and we are aligned with skilled photographers and videographers to create high quality photo and video content. We create:

      • Carefully researched content to reach your target audience;
      • Searchable content: we use relevant keywords and phrases to help search engines direct users to your web pages; and
      • We incorporate engaging relevant photos and videos.
    • Contact us to start your journey to online success.

Website Maintenance

  • Website Maintenance

  • KHM Services
    • Our job is not done with the deployment of your website. We are here to provide ongoing support to you. We provide:

      • Maintenance of your website content;
      • Training;
      • Analyzing analytics and making any required website changes;
      • Assistance with domain name registration; and
      • Web hosting.
    • Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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